Cisco uses eServeCloud to boost the operations

Helps to Expand Operational Efficiencies

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Cisco uses eServeCloud to Consolidate & Expand Operational Efficiencies

Cisco Automated conversations without coding, work smarter and boost productivity. Cisco stands as a global leader in delivering cutting-edge products and services within the realms of networking, cloud, and cybersecurity. Their extensive portfolio aims to revolutionize businesses, fostering an inclusive future.

Key offerings encompass:

In addition to these, Cisco extends its expertise to solutions for smart buildings, industrial networks, and personalized learning experiences, further showcasing their commitment to innovation and tailored support for diverse industries.

User Protection Suite:

Facilitates secure access to applications across devices and locations, ensuring teams operate with confidence.

Cloud Protection Suite:

Provides comprehensive protection in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, safeguarding applications, data, and cloud resources.

Cisco Networking Academy:

Offers a range of certification-aligned courses spanning cybersecurity, networking, and programming in languages like Python.

How Cisco works with eServeCloud to make their operations easier & better.

Response Time Optimization

Productivity tools for agents to pickup chat from queue which reduced avg response times.

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Multilanguage Support

Multilanguage support which enables agents from different geo locations to serve employees in different geo locations in preferred languages thus increasing productivity and increasing CX.

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Report Scheduling

Customisable reporting at transaction level with report scheduling

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AI Assistants

AI Assistants used as first line auto responders to reply to customers queries and reducing load on existing support workforce.

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Data Visualization

ETL systems to push data to cisco environment for data visualization for higher management.

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Smart Routing

Single point of entry with automations to enable smart routing to various queues.

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What Challenges they faced?

Old School Ticketing Software

Ticketing System they were using was Old School, Some times they were using mail as communication system which was not integrated with any other tools.

Lack of Customer Happiness

All of their major customers where not happy with the approach they were following. Since those customer were not getting response on time from CS Team.

Multi Channel Support ware not available

Customers had only 1 channel to connect with the CS Team, and some times those teams were not responding properly.

Collaborative Customer Support

Transitioning from Isolated to Collaborative Customer Support

Cisco, a big player in global networking, cloud, and cybersecurity, tackles challenges in these areas for its customers. Within Cisco, various teams use eServeCloud to make their everyday tasks smoother, whether it’s in sales, services, or engineering and design.

To make things work better internally, Cisco realized they needed a fresh approach. Before, they didn’t have a single system to manage tasks. They used a mix of emails, Excel sheets, and service desk software for requests and problem-solving. But this system depended a lot on individuals knowing specific things, causing problems. Eventually, this led to bad customer service and unhappy customers.


Critical events and tickets faced delays without a clear escalation process. Management had limited visibility into the status of service tickets, causing challenges.

– Andy (Cisco, Customer Success Director – NA)

After several months of uses Cisco Team realized several benefits:

Placing the Customer at the forefront of their concerns, the business process engineering team at Cisco took on the challenge of addressing delays in critical events and ticket handling. The IT team conducted a thorough evaluation of various leading products, including Fresh Desk, Zoho Desk, Jira Service Desk, and eServeCloud Helpdesk. The goal was to find a system that could handle requests promptly, provide reporting on crucial events, integrate with multiple data point and escalations, and enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

Why Cisco started using eServeCloud

Streamline the Process of Team, Agents, Customers, and Vendors. So they can work on it together and understand the issues and auto assign it.


Supply chain management concept vector illustration

Cisco is customer-centric company, and they always want to deliver the delivering better service to customers. That’s why they come up to us and started using us. They understand that with the help of Omnichannel support they are getting good

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If Teams not available, Tools auto ensure no ticket goes without answer we try to answer it with the help of AI.

Grow with Exceptional Human & Automated Customer Service

Reroute to the correct team whoever is responsible for the certain activity. Auto Transfer ticket to the right team.

Use in Routing:Transfer

Multichannel Integration with email, Webex & Web Messenger

Personalized Omnichannel Engagement

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