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Know how AI Chat Bot increase leads tracking effectively, improved productivity and ROI

A renowned brand in the educational services business have more than to 300,000+ pages on their website and there were 4 other websites which include for their partners. Each webpage form has a unique number that generate at the time of form submission. All of these forms embedded in Landing Pages which advertised extensively through digital and offline campaigns. All the landing pages had chat platform enabled where users can initiate the chat. But the chat was managing from chat agent or authorized personnel to answer the questions initiated from customers end. Most of the time, users has to wait for some time to initiate the chat or get to involve with the agent and answer them properly.

As a result, there were situations when customers had to face lots of communications issues or poor response from the agents and these users had some time to fill the form about their query as well which got unanswered due to unavailable of proper lead management software or any other proper chat solutions.

Hence, the lack of proper communication system of customers, resultant in customer dissatisfaction and loss of business. Other than loss of business issue, it also affects in brand images & reputations.

The Solution:

To address the problem of poor customer response and communication issues faced by customers, we at eServeCloud proposed a solution that involved using a centralized AI enabled Chat & form disposal system to streamline communication between website forms and chat channel. This AI enabled chatbot and forms will receive all the customer query, calls, and chat and assign them to the concern agents as well as answer the questions automatically. If there was no response from the chat agent, then the AI enabled system will create a ticket automatically on behalf of the customer and then assigned it to a particular agent. The call center, would then treat the ticket as per their requirement and provide the solutions to the agents or suggest the course as per their requirement.


The outcome of the educational website was tremendous, the solution was positive. The centralized chat and forms system helped streamline communication between chat agent and customers, leading to better customer response and satisfaction. All chat were responded to promptly, and leads were tracked effectively, improving productivity and ROI. The brand’s image and reputation also improved, resulting in increased revenue and brand building. The central form, chat and call system also helped the company to efficiently manage their digital and offline campaigns, leading to increased brand recognition and better customer acquisition.

In conclusion, the leading education service provider successfully addressed the customer problem area by implementing an AI enabled Chat bot and eServecloud embedded form. This approach helped improve communication, customer response, lead tracking, productivity, and ROI while building the brand’s reputation.

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One of the best reporting features, we have which help them to calculate their business ROI along with the fearturs benefits.

AI Chat Bot

With theis features they were able to engage the users and retarget them to enhance the ROI


Using eServeCloud's Service Level Agreements (SLAs) made their job easier and boosted productivity. They successfully improved their customer support by responding to tickets faster, achieving a 95% success rate in scaling up their support services.

Multi Language Support

Multi Language Chat Assistant help to serve the customer in their base language without any issue the agent language will auto change into users base language.

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