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Push/Pull APIs & Custom Integration

eServeCloud Push/Pull APIs are ready to serve your integrations needs. The eServeCloud API are setup to push data to external systems and pull in data from them. For enterprise accounts, we can provide fast and efficient integration solution to connect eServeCloud solutions to your business applications.

Custom Development

Custom Development & Integration Services

We recognize the value and the contextual data that you may have built up in your current business applications. If your applications provide interfaces to allow external systems to access contact data and insert updates and transactions, then we can leverage our Push/Pull APIs to synchronize and integrate eServeCloud features per your needs. Contact us to work out the details.

Integrate eServeCloud with your Business Applications

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Cisco Partners, Resellers and Spark Users

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eServeCloud and Cisco Integrations

eServeCloud Spark Integration

Business with Cisco Spark can now front-end Spark with a suite of Customer Engagement applications (Contact Center, Message-based Customer Service, Inside Sales Acceleration) and add collaboration and mobility to their customer management.

Spark SIP Integration

Agents and Reps can make and receive Customer calls on their Spark Devices and Apps. eServeCloud provides full IVR, Skill-based routing to connect the calls to the best Spark agent.

Real-Time Video without Any Apps

Reps and Agents can push out a video connection request to the customers and engage in a video/screen sharing session with their customers

Capture All Communication Transactions

All voice and messaging transactions with the customer are captured and saved with the customer records for analysis and record keeping

Real-Time Dashboard

eServCloud provides real-time dashboard of all Spark-Customer communications so managers have instantaneous view of the team activities

Modern Supervisor Coaching

Supervisors have the ability to view, listen in and barge in to the Spark Agent and Customer communications

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