Manage Leads

Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

Capture Lead Automatically

Get lead data from multiple sources and run them through your customized sales process. Automatically capture leads from web forms, inbound calls and texts, emails or use the pull functions to get leads from providers.

Intelligent Lead Scoring

Use your own custom rules to calculate and assign numerical scores to your leads based on their attributes and engagement patterns. Close deals faster by focusing on leads that matter most; find and connect to your hot prospects.

Smart Lead Distribution

Automated lead distribution lets you setup intelligent distribution rules that can automatically push leads to the right rep or take them back and re-assign to get the fastest closures.

Prioritized Views

Focus On Leads That Matter Most

View your prospects sorted into a list based on the lead score, stage or ones that need to be touched today. A set of standard lead views let the rep get a prioritized sorted list based on the functions they want to perform at that time.

360 Lead View

Get Detailed Contextual Information on Every Prospect

Get all the required information about your leads – the most up-to- date contact details, all conversations, notes and the next contact steps. Follow your sales process by taking the Next Actions setup for the lead.

Next Actions / Notes

Set Your Pre-Defined Sales Actions To Simplify Follow-up

Click to communicate with leads and for that interaction, enter notes and the next follow-up actions. Never miss a follow-up step as the systems will track and lets you know the actions become due today.

Custom Views (Filters)

Tools To Let You Drill Down to a Set Of Leads

These easy to use filters let you find a specific set of leads by location, lead stage, campaign, location or when they were last contacted. This lets you work of specific groups of prospects for special outreach or projects.

Custom Lead Stages

Add, Modify And Setup The Lead Stages That Work Best For You

No one size fits all sales processes, so you can customize the lead stages for that match your sales steps. Call, email, text or send documents to move to prospect to a quick conversion.

Search on Any Field

Find any lead by their data from any field in the summary view – names, numbers, owners, etc. When you have hundreds of leads and need to find one quickly, the search provides an easy-to- use method to locate contacts

Next Lead

Click on Next to end the current call and immediately start calling the next highest priority lead


Connect with more prospects, with one click to call or text from within the applications you use most. Get faster, more efficient, and more precise connections to help you close quicker

Automatically Capture Activities

Capture the notes, disposition of the call and automatically save with the conversation recording in the lead and contact records

Assign Ownership

Authorized reps and managers can assign the lead ownership as the a part of the sales workflow. Re-assigned leads are presented in that reps view and can be worked on immediately.

Automated Workflows

Automatically capture leads from web-forms, score them based on your custom rules, assign leads to reps and capture interaction details

Role-based Access

Data management and rules setting have controlled access based on the roles assigned to the user -- reps, supervisors and administrators


Capture web site visitors and add them to the leads when they complete forms or sufficient contact and engagement information if available

Social Profile Fetch

Get social links to update the contact information with their email. Avoids need to manually enter the information

Smart Fields

Use the Last Contacted and Next Action fields to connect to the right lead at the right time

Capture Activities

Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

In-Dept Customer Insight

Know all the interactions your prospect has had with your company. Web site visits, calls and messages, captured notes build a persona that becomes invaluable in closing the sale.

Activity Timeline

Chronological timeline of your prospect’s touch points can provide your sales reps with deep insights and conversation leaders during conversations.

Complete Call Recording

All conversations with your prospects are recorded and captured automatically in the lead record. You can preview calling history and past interaction prior to call a lead.

Behaviour Segmentation

View activities by the interaction type or prospect behavior. Select the interaction mode and date range to see how best to connect with specific prospects.

Message Conversation Recording

All text conversations with your prospects are recorded and captured automatically in the lead record. You can preview the text conversation and past interaction with a click to decide how to proceed with the lead

Playback/View Conversations

Click on the play or details button to listen to the voice recording or view the chat conversation. This can be use to plan the sales approach and for quality and performance review purporses

Text and Email Tracking

Automatically Track all text conversations and email transmissions between the reps and the prospect. All interactions are maintained in a chronological timeline

On-Line Visits

Know how the prospect is browsing your website to see areas of interest, frequency of visits and time spent on pages

Consolidated Account Activities

Account Activity view displays a consolidated chronological timeline of activities between all the contacts and prospects associated with the account and the sales team members

LifeCycle Events

Captures the change history to the prospect record showing stage changes, record updates and details of when and who made those changes

Click to Respond

Click on a customer or communication address (phone number or email address) to directly start a session with the prospect

Lead Notes

Enter notes of conversations or related information to provide information for the subsequent interactions with this prospect

Activity Date Filter

Select the date range to view recent interactions or the history of events over a longer time period

Rep Activity View

Rep Activity view displays a consolidated chronological timeline of activities between all the contacts and prospects associated by the selected Rep

Account-Based Sales

Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

Account Management

Access critical customer data including key contacts, interaction history, and more — quickly and easily from a unified view. See all the deals involved with the account. Account views bring together all the activities associated with a account allowing the entire team to work in concert.

Deals, Leads and Next Actions

Get one view of all the deals, leads and pending actions for an account to allow the sales team to coordinate their efforts.

Customer Management

Provides contact and activity details for each of your customers. Keep all customer details on-line along with automated capture of interactions you have with the customer. You can work from anywhere with this on-line data.

Internal Directory

Access your organizational information and collaborate with a click to call, conference or by messaging them. The sales reps and managers contact information is also available for quick access from anywhere.

Standard & Custom Views

Get a list of accounts by different standard views – all accounts, by location, ownership etc. Or use the custom filters to create the specific list of accounts that you need

Any Field Search

Search on any of the display fields to locate the required customer account


Keep account level notes for archival and review by your sales team


Click to call any of the account or account customer contacts. Call their work or mobile numbers from anywhere

Click to Text

Click to send text messages any of the account or account customer contacts

Invite to IP Chat

Setup an IP Chat session with anyone at anytime when you need to exchange documents or forms

Primary Account Contact

Keep a record of the primary contact for an account

Assign Owner

Assign a rep to your accounts or customers or associate them with a serving team. Inbound calls and messages shall be routed to that rep

Get Social Links

Update the social links for an account from the account website information

Transmitted Documents

Keep track of all documents shared with the account

Data Import Wizard

Import account and customer data from csv files


Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

Click to Call

Autodial numbers with a single click to increase accuracy and through put of dialing. Click on Recent call list to call back missed or busy numbers.

Auto-Dial Next Lead

Click on Next to end the current call and immediately start calling the next highest priority lead.

Power Dialer Queue

Add your prospects to the call list, then PowerDial through the list one after another. Automatically saves notes, call dispositions for each call directly before going to next call.

Local Presence

Have more conversations by increasing contact rates by over 35%. Outbound caller ID can be set automatically to the local number of the outgoing call to increase the probability of answer and increase closure rates.

Leave Pre-Recorded Messages

Pre-record your voice messages and save time by moving to the next prospect with one-click drop VM. The system plays the message and automatically dials the next call. Don’t stop at voice messages; click to text and email messages. Use the best channels to trigger prospect callback

Enhanced Contact Popup

For inbound calls and when a outbound call is placed, the contact’s information is displayed with all the captured activity history and details to give the reps the full context of prior interactions with the prospect

Set Callback

Setup the next action for this prospect directly from the call window. This can be the follow-up call or other actions per your sales plan

Wrap-up Notes

Enter notes of the customer discussions during each call and save them with the call log record for later viewing

Custom Call Dispositions

Administrators can setup custom disposition codes for your specific needs so that reps can tag calls with a click from this pre-set list of call disposition codes. Disposition codes can be used to analyze the results of the calls

Persistent Agent Leg

Double the calling throughput by removing the time it takes to call the rep (place the call, ring and then answer) using the persistent agent leg feature. The agent leg of the call is not dropped, instead the next outbound call is placed immediately

Automated Logging

The calling details, notes, disposition and recording of the conversation is automatically captured and saved with the prospect as well at a part of the reps activity record

Call Recording

Record all calls and review past calls with a click in the contact’s call transaction history from anywhere for quality management and compliance

Voice Mail

When the business or the agents are unavailable, users can leave voice recordings for agents and teams. Voice mail notifications and easily accessible recordings means your customers can always contact you even when you are not there

Conference – Add, Join, Drop

Advanced conference calling features allow you to bring multiple parties into a customer call to help you close. Visual conference list lets you add colleagues, mute and drop them as needs and easily collaborate with experts

Automatic Timezone Detection

The local time is automatically determined from the prospect’s location setting and made visible to the rep to place call at the right time

Advanced Telephony Features

Advanced Telephony features typically associated with Enterprise phone systems come built-in with eServeCloud. Agents can deliver professional customer experience with click to call, hold, mute, transfer and conference calling

Blind and Warm Transfer

When in hurry you can quickly sent a call to a colleague using blind transfer, but when needed use warm transfer to confer with your colleague before connecting them to with the customer

Connect to Any Agent Phone

Agents can receive their calls on phones of their choice including landline, mobile and SIP phones. This flexibility allows your team to provide service from anywhere using the most economical and highest quality device

Spark & SIP Phones

Reps can use Cisco Spark Endpoints (Desktop and Mobile Apps, Browser, Spark Phones) as their phone device

Message Exchange

Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

Click to Send Text

Always-on text messaging means you never miss a thing. Quickly ask a question, get a decision or set an appointment with a text message to any mobile number with one click.

Conversational Messaging

Bring your sales teams into the mobile world where your customers already are. Engage in text conversations, get responses faster and at the time convenient to your prospects.

Web Chat Messaging

Connect with prospects on your website. Customers are routed to the sales teams with all their contextual information.

Any Chat (IP Chat)

Introducing outbound chat messaging that does not require an app. Chat with anyone free worldwide by sending them a IP Chat invitation.

Multiple Concurrent Chat

Have multiple concurrent chat conversations up to the limit set by your administrator.

Transfer a Chat

You can transfer a chat session to a colleague to continue the conversation. All the conversation history moves with the transfer

Setup Chat Conference

Bring in colleagues and experts into the chat conversation to help you answer questions and get their advice. All the conversation history will be visible to the new attendees

Desktop Notification

Receive desktop popup notifications for incoming messages


Save canned responses for frequently use sentences or phrases. Save time and repetitions with the shortcut texts

Send Attachments

Send documents and files to your prospects to give them offers, product information etc

Delivery Confirmation

Get confirmation of text messages getting delivered to your customer number, more importantly get notification of failure to send

Attachment Opened

Track all attachment opens to see if and when your documents have been viewed

View Conversation History

All messaging conversations are archived and stored with the lead or customer. View conversation details with a simple click

Associate Lead

For new messages received, automatically create a lead or associate it with an existing prospect or customer

Message Notes

Enter notes for each message conversation to record the result of the interaction

Message Disposition

Tag each message conversation with a status to allow quick review and analysis of the outcomes of the conversations

Invite to Chat

Send an invitation via email or text to start a IP Chat session with a customer

Assign Owner

Take or give the ownership of the chat session to a rep. This allows someone else to continue with the conversation

Escalate to Voice

Click to start a parallel voice session or start a chat session while on a call, so you can exchange documents and notes

Sales Email

Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

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Live Monitoring

Listen in on calls to monitor quality and to provide assistance and coaching

Coaching via Chat

Send IP messages to the agent while listening to the conversation for coaching and providing support

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Send SMS Text survey request at the end of each call to collect

Voice and Message Conferencing

Bridge in experts in the customer call or message session and together resolve the customer issues

Escalation Request

Agents can click on a button to request assistance from their supervisors when questions arise enabling better service delivery to customers

Automated Inbound Routing

Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

Omni-Channel Automatic Routing

Optimize the customer experience by routing inbound calls and text messages automatically to the best matching agent using IVR data and custom rules.

Interactive Voice Response

Guide the caller through multi-level voice menu to get the information to direct them to the best rep. Use graphical tools to design this interactive voice response solution and give your leads the most optimal calling experience.

Enhanced Customer Information

The lead or customer record is popped up to provide detailed contextual information to the rep concurrently with the call. This allows the rep to personalize their response to the caller.

Automatic Lead Distribution

Setup custom distribution rules

Presence Status

System tracks the busy/available status of all reps and new calls and text messages are routed only to agents that are available to take the calls

Route to Owner

Use customer data to determine if a rep is assigned to the lead, then route to that rep if available otherwise send to voicemail or alternate rep as defined by the rules. Inbound calls and text messages go to the rep that owns the prospect providing continuity of communication and more effective customer handling

Busy/Unavailable Routing

Handle all agents busy or no agents logged in conditions by directing the callers including leaving a voice message or routing to another queue etc

Personal & Team Voice Mail

If a rep is busy or unavailable to take a call, then caller can leave a message for the rep. If no rep is assigned, then voicemail can be taken by anyone in that team

Call and Message Queuing

Place calls and new text sessions in a first-in, first-out queue when all reps are busy. Callers are given prompts while waiting to make for a better experience

Custom Prompts

Play customized voice prompts using Text-to-Speech or Recorded prompts to the waiting callers to provide information and status and improve the caller experience

Popup Notification

Present popup desktop notification message for new inbound call or message when the rep is not active in eServeCloud application

Business Hours Routing

Setup alternate flows for calls outside business hours and during holidays. The system checks your holiday and hours of operation settings and uses appropriate call flow

Workflow Automation

Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

Record Call Conversations

All call details with the notes, disposition codes and recording on the conversation are automatically added to the lead or contact record.

Capture Text Messages

Capture the sent and received text and chat messages along with the notes and disposition codes and save them with the lead or lead record.

Automated Call Distribution

Inbound calls are automatically routed to the best available rep based on rules setup by the administrator.

Get Notifications

Get desktop notification for the lead, calls and messages that are routed to you.

Create Leads from Webforms

When a form is entered on your website, the information is used to automatically create a new lead. Duplicates are scanned and information consolidated into one record

Run Macros

Automatically execute macros at the end of specific events – such as end of call, message or a lead stage change. Macros can make record updates, push details into external systems

Calculate Lead Scores

For new leads or when a activity occurs for a lead, the lead score can be automatically re-evaluated

Get Social Profiles

Click to lookup and populate the social addresses for leads and contacts

Alert Supervisors

Send alert notifications to supervisors when key parameter thresholds are exceeded

Set Next actions

When a lead state changes or key activity is completed, update the lead stage automatically to follow the sales workflow setup for your organization

Detect Time Zones

Timezones are automatically detected from the location entered in leads or contacts

Monitoring & Coaching

Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

Monitor KPI in Real-Time

Live dashboards provide you real-time data on the key performance parameters of your contact center so you can take actions when issues arise.

View Agent Activities

View the current activities of your agents, both their communication sessions and their summary performance data from the Agents Live Dashboard. Take proactive actions from the dashboard window.

Live Queue, Agents and Interactions Status

Monitor the live call and messaging sessions in progress in your contact center, see callers waiting for service and calls connected to the agents. You can select a call to take supervisor actions.

Take Call Actions

Click on the call actions to take over the call, listen to the conversation or barge-in to talk to both the agent and caller.

Take Agent Actions

Supervisors can change the Presence Status of agents,, log them off, setup calls or chat

Receive Escalation Alerts

Agents can click on a button to request support from their supervisor. Supervisors receive the alert notification and can respond from the Live dashboard

Coach via Chat

Start a chat session with the agent while listening on the calls to advise on customer call handling

Monitor calls

Listen to the calls in real-time to monitor quality and compliance with procedures


In response to alerts or while listening in on the call, supervisors can join the conversation and talk to both the agent and the caller to help closing the call

End Call or Message Session

Supervisors have the ability to end and drop a call or messaging session from the system. The connection between the rep and customer is terminated

Reporting & Analysis

Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

Historical Performance Reports

Monitor the performance of your sales operation and make intelligent data driven decisions to improve processes and user skills

Live Dashboards

Get overview of the key performance indicators and see the trends in real-time. Multiple dashboards with each focusing on different aspects of your sales center

Custom Thresholds

Set your warning and alert levels for each of the KPIs to make it visually explicit when issues begin to arise.

Agent Personal Dashboard

Each Rep or agent can view their personal statistics in their home page.

Emailed Reports

Get your sales center reports delivered to you in your inbox

Threshold Alerts

With alert notifications, you can receive text messages to let you manage the sales center when you are away from you desk

Agent Reports

Get the performance of the agents/reps and team from reports showing calling performance and lead handling statistics

Live Trend Charts

View current trends for calls, agent availability and other performance metrics in real-time in the trend charts

Custom Report Filters

Select your filters from date range,, interval and the teams to generate the specific report that meets your requirement

Schedule Reports

Schedule reports to run at the interval of your choice to track critical performance metrics


Software for better customer engagements - Anywhere, Anytime

Cisco Tropo Integration

With gateways in North America and Europe, Cisco Tropo provides extensive and scalable PSTN connections for inbound and outbound calling, text messaging, speech recognition and conferencing. eServeCloud solution leverages and build powerful enterprise level solutions on the Tropo base

Cisco Spark Integration

Cisco Spark is an open platform providing enterprise messaging, meeting and calling services with APIs to enable eServeCloud to connect the enterprise to its outside customers, prospects and partners. eServeCoud leverages Spark SIP connectivity to allow reps to take calls on Spark endpoints.


Download the Chrome browser extension to convert all phone numbers (with call to prefix) into eServeCloud click to call numbers. Just click to make calls from all you web applications


Add in the webform hooks provided by Sales Acceleration solution to add prospects on your website as leads in your system. Immediately initiate call to the prospect

Automated Workflows

Setup workflows to automate common manual tasks and improve productivity and uniformity of practice. Use Macros triggered for different state changes to automatically make updates. Or push events into

Two-Way Data Synchronization

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Salesforce Integration

Provides two-way synchronization between salesforce and eservecloud. Leads, Contacts and Accounts data are kept in sync by eServeCloud. All activities carried out via the eServeCloud apps is pushed back in to Salesforce


eServeCloud SaasBridge supports the pre-built integration and synchronization between eServeCloud and supported external SaaS systems

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