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Shopify store heroes, unite! eServeCloud eCommerce is your all-in-one command center. Manage orders, chats, knowledge, and tools seamlessly, empowering you to serve customers like a pro.

eServeCloud AI eCommerc is used daily by 8,322 + DTC brands

See why most of the time eCommerce brands choose eServeCloud AI eCommerce over Zendesk

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eServeCloud AI eCommerce packs e-commerce-specific features specially in Shopify while Zendesk misses, empowering you to win online.

What’s the difference between eServeCloud AI eCommerce & Zendesk?

Onboard Quickly
The best UX design for eCommerce, Instant Data migration, dedicated onboarding support helps to onboard your business very easily. No need any technical knowledge.
Increase Conversion
Easy cancel, edit, refund and create new orders without login into store. It will migrate it once.
Indepth Integration
Do you have more tools to increase the conversions for your ecommerce store like Klaviyo, ReCharge, BOLD, Recart, and Attentive we are here to help you with this integration.

Here's what eServecloud AI eCommerce can do for your business.

  • End-to-end implementations Support.
  • No hidden costs. No Credit Card required
  • Quick Account Setup & Sync Real Time with Store
  • Uncompromising security & compliance Integrate with all your business Apps.

* Growth metrics reported by our customers in an internal survey.

eServeCloud AI eCommerce vs. Zendesk

Comparison at a glance

Our tool is built to enable you to help your eCommerce Business on Shopify to integrate it with all the business apps and get help from it. Our product eServeCloud AI eCommerce is built for eCommerce platform only to boost your ROI.

Quick Onboarding
Onboarding within 3 days

Instant migration, dedicated onboarding and support, Intuitive UX for ecommerce give you fast time-to-value.

Months to get up and running
Zendesk’s migration, onboarding, and support are notoriously slow, and the software’s hard to use (since it’s not for merchants).
Order Related Intend
Action on Order
Cancel, Refund, Order, Edit Order without leaving eServeCloud Platform.
Order Can’t Control
There is no single window view you have to switch multiple tabs to manage orders, apply discount, create orders and other’s Shopify related action.
Integrate with most of the Business apps. 
You can integrate your account with Klaviyo, ReCharge, BOLD, Recart, Webex, WhatsApp etc.
Industry specific Integration
As Zendesk always prioritize big B2B players like Salesforce, Zoom, Jira, Slack etc. Which is definitely not suitable for small or mid level players.
AI Driven Automation
AI Automated Action
AI eCommerce worked based upon customer information, trigger upon the cancellations, returns, new orders and many more. As you set workflow.
Limited AI Actions
With Zendesk you can perform your day to day actions on Shopify like Duplicating Orders, Generate Discount, Apply offer etc. Via tools you have to go to Shopify.
Build eCommerce
Feedback Driven Action
You can create widget as per customer feedback.
Less Priority of eCommerce Feature.
Zendesk most features are not relevant for eCommerce Website.
Automations Based Trigger
AI eCommerce automations
Set AI Based Events trigger to meet the conditions.
Restricted & Time-based automations.
The automation of Zendesk’s works once an hour only till then customers have to wait.
Quick Support
Best Customer Support
We provide 24/7 support team answers in under 5 minutes (chat), 2 minutes(Call) and 6 hours (email).
Take too much time to response
Have you heard about Zendesk’s average response time? Read their reviews and see what they say.

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