eServe AI Helpdesk VS Gorgias

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Why is eServe AI Helpdesk is the right Gorgias alternative for you?

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eServe AI Helpdesk Vs Gorgias

Everything you need to provide contextual and swift customer support

Up to 75%
eServeCloud Bot Can Handle Upto 75% of Customer Inquiries, Freeing Up Agents for Complex Issues. Increase the productivity of the users.
Up to 83%
Tickets has been Streamlined with automated Workflows and triggered prompt for users.
24 hours support
24/7/365 customer support
Always ready for customer using 24/7 support over call*, email, and Chat.

Why do customers choose eServeCloud Helpdesk over Gorgias platform?

  • End-to-end implementation support
  • No hidden costs. No Credit Card required
  • Uncompromising security and compliance
  • Integrate with all your business Apps

* Growth metrics reported by our customers in an internal survey.

eServe AI Helpdesk vs. Gorgias

Comparison at a glance

Our eServeCloud Helpdesk tool is helping you to built your business to help your Customers streamline with eServeClouds’s Integration platform. We also have pre-build AI chatbot which helps to integrate with the website.

Ticket Workflows

Workarounds and more macros are needed to associate business hours with specific groups.

Agent load balancing

UI is congested and difficult to work with, requiring a steeper learning curve.

Agent Productivity

Bots and AI

Business hours for agent groups

UI is congested and difficult to work with, requiring a steeper learning curve.

Field service management

Proactive outreach

Pricing Comparison


Frequently asked questions

eServe Helpdesk is a customer support software that helps businesses communicate with customers in easy way. It brings together multiple communication channels like email, phone, and social networks, and makes it easier for businesses to manage tickets, automate workflows, and engage with customers in real-time.

eServe Helpdesk stands out as a cloud-based software dedicated to streamlining and enhancing customer support. Renowned for its cost-effective features, it has gained popularity among online enterprises, effectively boosting both customer self-service and the overall productivity of support teams.

eServe Helpdesk offers different modes of payment, including credit card payments, bank transfer and Paypal. You can add your credit card details within eServe Helpdesk, under Admin > Account > Plans & Billing > Choose Plan > Proceed to payment. Once the credit card information is saved, the card would be billed automatically, for which eServe Helpdesk would send you an Invoice.

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