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Henry Harvin website gets a boost with eServeCloud, improving the experience for both customers and tutors

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Henry Harvin Case Study

About Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin® provides different types of certification course - Henry Harvin, Provide certification courses for TEFL, Data Sciences, Medical Coding, HR Courses, Cyber Security etc. It is one of the India's leading certification provider.


Online Education Certification

Number of Seats


Days with eServeCloud

250+ Days

Resolved Ticket

4000 to 6000 Monthly Ticket was resolved by their customer support team of all the different - different department like HR, Cusotmer Support & IT.

Total Employees & Customer Served


Avg. Connection time to Agent

25-40 ms

Henry Harvin is one of the world's best online certification providers with 1200+ courses, diploma, degree, doctorate program. It conducted 7000+ live class per month with 900+ corporate partner and 210+ college partner.

Collaborative Customer Support

Transitioning from Isolated to Collaborative Customer Support

With the help of eServeCloud, Henry Harvin get benefitted as in Ominchannel enabled they did integrate our AI enabled Chatbot, WhatsApp integrate, Phone Integrate, Form integration so that all the apps should enabled together.

Critical events like customer chat and response faced delays without a clear escalation process. All Management had limited visibility into the status of service tickets, causing challenges.


(Cisco, Customer Success Director – NA)

The Benefits

eServeCloud made their sales team's jobs much easier & faster. The product helped them to set up clear way to track each and every activity. It also helps to track the leads flow, website visitors, track phone, chat over WhatsApp with our omnichannel platform.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Imagine a tech learning experience that recommends content just for you.

Work in Omnichannel Platform

Handle multiple channel like WhatsApp, Phone, Chat, Forms together.

Enhanced Visibility

Ensuring no request goes unnoticed.

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