Free Trial & Subscription Policy

Free Trial

When you sign up for a free trial of any eServeCloud product, you’ll get access to the product or services without charge until the earlier of (i) the trial period’s end, unless you terminate it sooner, (ii) the beginning of the paid subscription period, or (iii) eServeCloud’s discretion to terminate. Any data and customizations you add during the trial will be lost unless you (i) purchase the corresponding paid subscription, (ii) get relevant product upgrades, or (iii) export the data before the trial ends. While the products are offered as-is during the trial, without warranties or liabilities, they aim to provide valuable insights and functionalities.

User Sign up Obligations

To access or utilize the eServe Product, you must register for a user account and furnish all necessary information. If you’re representing an organization and intend to use the Product internally, it’s advisable for you and other users to sign up with corporate contact details, preferably using corporate email addresses. You commit to providing accurate, up-to-date, and complete information during the sign-up process and ensuring its ongoing accuracy. Any provision of untrue, inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete information may result in the termination of your user account and the denial of current or future access to any or all of the Services by eServeCloud.

Subscription Fees and Payments

The Services are accessible through subscription plans of varying durations. For subscription periods less than a year, payments are exclusive to Credit Card transactions. Your subscription will automatically renew, with the fee charged to the last-used Credit Card, unless you choose to downgrade or explicitly communicate your non-renewal intention via mail, phone, or another medium at least seven days before renewal. You have the flexibility to update Credit Card details for renewal payments.

Occasionally, we may adjust Product/Service prices or introduce charges for previously free Products. Any price changes will only take effect after your current billing cycle expires. You’ll only incur charges if you’ve opted for a paid subscription plan.

If applicable Taxes, such as GST, VAT, or sales tax, are imposed by eServeCloud in line with local, state, provincial, or foreign laws regarding your Services subscription, you’ll be invoiced for these Taxes. Payment for Taxes is in addition to the subscription fees, and eServeCloud will provide a compliant invoice format to facilitate your eligibility for applicable input tax credit.