Sales Acceleration for Inside
Sales Teams

Get more leads, Connect faster, Engage better and Close more deals

Modern Software for Brilliant Sales Engagements

All your sales acceleration tools in one easy-to- use package. You get one-click multi-channel communications with powerful customer engagement software and real-time analytics for all your sales teams to engage more personally, execute more effectively and close deals more successfully

Capture Leads Automatically

Add in leads from web-forms, inputs from imports and integrations that you have setup

Manage Leads More Effectively

Intelligently score leads by assigning numeric values using your rules for contact data, interaction types and frequency

Automatically Distribute

Push lead to the reps best skilled to close. Rep gets popup notification and can start working on it right away

Prioritized Views

List leads prioritized by their score. Use view options for lead that need action today, work on leads that are assigned to you

Connect Faster Across Channels

Use multiple communication channels to connect, supplement calls with quick text conversations to manage the sales process

Perform Better with Analytics

View all team interactions in real-time, get alerts and notifications of key events

Learn How eServeCloud Sales Acceleration Can Supercharge Your Sales Teams

Get Best Prospect To The Right Rep

Rapidly Followup on Leads with Intelligent Lead Scoring and Automated Distribution

Prioritize your prospects using intelligent lead scoring to weigh engagement activity, contact and deal details to give you the best prospect for increased conversions. Automatically distribute leads to the best rep, get instant connects.

Get 360 View of prospect

Personalize Every Call with Enhanced Contextual Information Popup

Get complete details about your prospects -- conversations, deals, interactions and the next set of scheduled actions. With every inbound or outbound call, the contact and interaction history pops up for your review.

Complete Lead and Sales Management with Integrated Communications

Generate more sales with one-click calling, get the right prospect with prioritized leads, leave pre-recorded voice, text or email messages to get higher callbacks. Save notes, dispositions and conversations automaticaly for 360 engagement view of leads. Use automatic inbound call routing to get prospects to the right rep. Leverage real-time KPIs and reports to optimize sales team performance

Powerful Cloud-Based Sales Omni-Channel Connector

Increase Speed And Efficiency Your Selling Efforts With Cloud-Based Calling, Conversational Text & Chat Messaging Solution That Can Accelerate Lead Response times, Simplify Outbound Calling and Improve Handling of Inbound Interactions

Outbound Calling

Click to Call, Leave Voice Message, Use Local Caller ID for more connects; Do Next to instantly work on next priority lead, and more

Inbound Call Handling

Advanced routing options get the prospects to the lead owner or to the best rep. IVR and voice messaging help guide callers

Send & Receive Text

Add a communication channel now used more than voice. It’s proven to be more efficient and getting high response from leads

On-Line Web Chats

Know what your on-line visitors are interested in and make it seamless to connect to a human on chat or call

Increase Conversions With SalesConnector

Software designed to help make your sales process more effective

  • Caller Information
  • Take Notes & Tag Call Disposition
  • Setup Callbacks
  • Leave Voice Message, Text, Email
  • Enterprise Telephony Features
  • Manage Call Lists
  • Manage Conference Calls
  • Get Next Lead

Converse in Text and Mobilize your Sales Process

Go where your prospects are – have text conversations, send info and setup demos/appointments


Leverage the efficiency of messaging in your sales process. More effective than email, get immediate responses.

Easy Switch

7x more likely to respond. Start with a call and continue with text. Switch back and forth as needed

Track the Responses

Send and track document opens, responses. A new sales channel integrated with calling

When prospects Call or Text - Route to best available Rep

Integrated Data-Driven and Skill-Based Routing, IVR and Voice Mail.

Your prospects calls and text messages come to you and if you are unavailable or busy, you can get voice mail or have a colleague answer.

Web to Calls in 30 Sec Flat

Convert on-line prospects into customers by connecting in seconds

Calling a lead within 60 seconds increases your close-probability by over 300%.When prospects express interest by filling forms, call the hot leads instantly and increase your sales

1. Consumers send texts to your landline number
2. Message is routed and appears on your desktop
3. Send and reply in text from desktop

Account-Based Sales Development

With consolidated views of all interaction, Deals and contacts for eachaccount - You can effectively co-ordinate your account sales plan

Account Activities

View all interactions and notes from all reps in one window

Leads & Deals

Active leads and deals, including stage and amounts

Account contacts

Al key contacts for this account with detailed contact information

It Takes Teamwork To Close More Accounts

Visually Coordinated All Hands Effort Gets Best Results

Give your teams a comprehensive view of all account touches from all reps. Get detail information for the key contacts with details of your interactions history. Co-ordinate team efforts with 360 view of all account activities and pending actions.

Collaborate for Bigger Wins

Bring In The Right People To Help You Close Faster

From the directory, click-to-collaborate with the domain experts. Brig them in to the call or chat to ask for inputs. Team members can view the prospects interaction history and provide guidance.

One Sales Software For All The Sales Organization

Provide the right information and access to all your teams to help them execute their roles, use collaboration tools to leverage all the team expertise to close deals

Sales Development Rep

Make more calls, connect with more leads and record all interactions. Transfer prospects to consultants

Sales Consultants

Qualify prospects, give demos, make offers and follow-up to close

Account Excutives

Coordinate all team activities and set the sales strategies. Manage count interactions and make happy

Sales Managers

Use analytic data and real-time views to mentor and coach teams. Run reports to analyse team performance

Manage And Coach To Boost Best Practises

Who Is Working? What Are They Doing? How Are They Performing? How Best To Help Them? You can track your teams efforts, review their performance and jump into assist from anywhere and at anytime

Listen, Monitor & Coach

Identify areas of improvements for each team member with the conversation recordings and resulting call disposition and lead stage changes. You have the right information and communication features to listen and coach and create an effective A-team

Drive team performance with actionable analytic data

Maximize Performance with Real-Time insights, analytics and Reports. Get Alerts for Deviations

Engage with Data

Get your Rep the sales intelligence at the time when they call, text or email

Perform with Insights

Review team and Rep performance and know where sales workflows ned improvement

Guide from live Dashboards

Get real time insights of your entire sales operation and take needed actions

Integration Tools And APIs To Being
All You Data Together

Capture Lead Data

  • Import Data
  • Webforms-to- leads
  • Lead Pulls
  • Email-to- Leads
  • Rep Lead Entry

Customize for your Apps

  • eServeCloud APIs
  • 2nd Tier Data Integration

Sync Between systems

  • Auto sync customer data
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Cisco Spark Integration

Ready, Set, Turbo-Charge