More Than A Dialer, A modern SalesConnector

Make more calls, Get more callbacks, Close more deals

Omni-Channel Connector For
High Velocity Sales Teams

Integrated communications tool built specifically for sales teams to contact, connect and close deals faster

Increase Conversions with the Highest Throughput Dialer For Modern Sales Teams

Make your sales process more effective with SalesConnector features for every stage of your sales call handling

Click to Call Faster

Click to call from leads, contacts and accounts to connect with more prospects – get faster and more precise dialing

Automate The No-Answer

75%-80% of calls are not answered. Automatically drop pre-recorded voice messages; click to send email/text using templates

Handle Connects Effectively

Use tools to personalize pitches - 360 degree lead information; collaborate to bring in team members to help close deals

Capture The Interactions

Capture the call disposition, notes and recording of the conversation and save it automatically with the prospect record

Get High on Next

Simply click on Next to complete the current call and get the next, best prospect – use custom scoring to get the highest priority lead to call

Get Humans To Answer

Get your customer callbacks right to you, avoid ping-pong messaging by having an available colleague take the call

Mobilize with Omni

Call prospects and let them text you back – effective, efficient and multi-tasking. All conversations, in all media are captured and saved

Get Coaching to Improve

Use recorded conversations and disposition settings to analyze call out come. Listen and coach live calls to improve rep skills and get better performance

Use Data to Drive

Data from live dashboards, historical reports and analytics for tracking call outcomes gives you the insights to improve the sales process

Learn How SalesConnector can boost your sales

Click To Call From Your Web-Apps

Make sales from within the applications you use and connect with more prospects

Click for more precise and faster dialing in Salesforce or other applications. Phone numbers become clickable links.

Powerdial through your call list

Click Next To Auto-Dial Highest Priority Prospect

Add prospects to your call list and PowerDial through them one after another. Automatically save notes, call dispositions for each call. Stay connected to the system, so you do not have to be called back for each new prospect call.

Local presence gets more connects

Have more conversations with Local Caller ID

Increase contact rates by over 30% when you call a lead with a local area code. Local Presence selects the outbound caller id to match the leads area code.

Selectable CallerID because you know your leads best. Use a Local Caller Id, your number or one of the project numbers.

One-Click number purchase for the regions you call lets you setup targeted local presence capability.

Select your phone device and work from anywhere

Take your calls on work phone, your mobile or a SIP/SPARK browser, mobile or IP Phone

With SalesConnector, you can use the phone device that work best for you
Take calls on your work phone or on your mobile. Both your inbound and outbound call will be bridged to this device.With it SIP support and Cisco Spark integration, have the calls come to any Spark endpoint on desktop, on mobile app or the IP Phone. Transparently switch from one device to another on the go.

More than a Sales Dialer

Generate more sales with one-click calling, get the right prospect with prioritized leads, leave pre-recorded voice, text or email messages and get higher callbacks. Save notes, dispositions and conversations directly for 360 engagement view of leads. Use automatic inbound call routing to get prospects to the right rep. Leverage real-time KPIs and reports to optimize team.

One-Click drop Voice, Text and Email Messages
- All Pre-Recorded

Make the system work for you, move on to next call

Pre-record your voice messages and save time with one-click drop VM. The system plays the message and you go to the next call. Don’t stop at voice messages; drop pre-recorded text and email messages. Use the best channel to trigger highest prospect callback

Get 360 View of prospect

Personalize Every Call with Enhanced Contextual Information Popup

Get complete details about your prospects -- conversations, deals, interactions and the next set of scheduled actions. With every inbound or outbound call, the contact and interaction history pops up for your review.

Account-Based Sales Development

With consolidated views of all interaction, Deals and contacts for eachaccount - You can effectively co-ordinate your account sales plan

Account Activities

View all interactions and notes from all reps in one window

Leads & Deals

Active leads and deals, including stage and amounts

Account contacts

Al key contacts for this account with detailed contact information

Automatically track all the activities

Record Conversations, Take Notes and Tag Call Disposition into Contact Record

Auto capture

Automatically capture the interaction details, and the results – converted or unqualified.

Custom Disposition

Use custom disposition tags and shortcuts for efficient note taking.

Save Activities

Save all activates with the prospect for 360 view of customer, to analyze for quality and process improvements.

Increase Conversions With SalesConnector

Software designed to help make your sales process more effective

  • Caller Information
  • Leave Voice Message, Text, Email
  • Manage Call List
  • Get Next Lead
  • Enterprise Telephony Features
  • Setup Callbacks
  • Manage Conference Calls
  • Take Notes & Tag Call Disposition

Converse in Text and Mobilize your Sales Process

Go where your prospects are – have text conversations, send info and setup demos/appointments

Click to Call Faster

Click to call from leads, contacts and accounts to connect with more prospects – get faster and more precise dialing

Easy Switch

7x more likely to respond. Start with a call and continue with text. Switch back and forth as needed

Track the Responses

Send and track document opens, responses. A new sales channel integrated with calling

When prospects call - Automatically routing to best available Rep

Integrated Data-Driven and Skill-Based Routing, IVR and Voice Mail.

Your prospects calls and text messages come to you and if you are unavailable or busy, you can get voice mail or have a colleague answer.

Drive Team Performance with actionable analytic data

Maximize performance with Real-Time Insights, Analytics and Reports. Get Alerts For deviations

Engage with Data Insights

Get your Rep the sales intelligence at the time when they call, text or email

Perform with Dashboards

Review team and Rep performance and know where sales workflows need improvement

Guide from Live

Get real time insights of your entire sales operation and take needed actions

Listen, Monitor & Coach

Maximize sales conversions using the extensive supervision and coaching tools

Use the real-time views of work in progress, listen to call and text conversations and jump in to coach the reps. You have the all the conversations and data to coach all members and create an effective A-team.

Dialer Features

  • Click to Call
  • Dialer Call List
  • Local Presence
  • Leave Pre-Recorded Messages
  • Customer 360 View Popup
  • Autodial Next Lead
  • Set Callback
  • Wrap-up Notes

Inbound Features

  • Agent Presence
  • Route to Lead Owner
  • Busy/Unavailable Routing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Popup Notification
  • Enhanced Customer Information
  • Personal Voice Mail
  • Interactive Voice Response

Supervisor Features

  • Monitor KPI in Real-Time
  • View Agent Activities
  • Monitor Queue, Agents & Interactions
  • Take Call Actions
  • Take Agent Actions
  • Receive Escalation Alerts
  • Coach via Chat
  • Monitor calls

Make more calls. Get Higher Callbacks. Close More Deals.