Connect Web Connector to 3rd-party tools

  • 22 Dec 2023

Now you can connect your existing app with new Web Connector in our very own eServeCloud, you can now fetch data and push actions to your tools in Web Connector!

This new feature will help you to connect wide range of automations tools which include:

  • Adding prospects or customers to your marketing lists or create ticket (with apps like Freshdesk and Sendgrid)
  • Fetching customer loyalty points (with apps like Yotpo)
  • Manage email subscriptions (with apps like Sendinblue, Mailchimp)
  • Much, much more…

What is an HTTP request?

Basically, it is a process to fetch and response any types of data from other tools to eServeCloud with the help of simple integration.

HTTP request process is like send and receive the data from one app to another. It’s just like a messanger where someone can receive the data and fetched it and display it on our platform so basically you can fetch the data from Freshdesk and display it on our eServeCloud platform.

The delivered data can be any format like text, URL’s, Images etc.


How HTTP Request fit into Web Connector?

HTTP request is the process of pull and push the data into another apps. Here you might need the detail of the customers to share their email id, update the detail, push the detail to their app and many more that become the actionable data.

Here are few examples with some perfect use cases.

  • You want to collect the response in the Web Connector and push that data (like an email) into other tools like (Sendgrid, Mailchimp etc)  to do some action or create the list.
  • You customers want to add the review to the recently selected order then at that point customers can add it from eServeCloud itself just by adding any review app detail via Web Connectors.
  • you can even add update options for the customers to update their product details (like edit address, cancel subscription, or skip a shipment) and then you can use Web Connector to push the detail into the subscriptions app. So, all the time customers get update about the products in real time.
  • You want to use eServeCloud app AI Chat bot, but you already have your Freshdesk subscriptions enabled with you. So, you can use Web Connector to connect the Freshdesk and create the ticket over there and use our tool to work with AI Chat bot.

via eServeCloud GIPHY

via eServeCloud GIPHY

via eServeCloud GIPHY

Best experience ever with Web Connector

This new capability helps you:

⚡More Query Resolutions: You can use our automations instantly resolve the query with having human interaction or without changing the tab and going back to another app.

🌐Seamless Customer Experience: Customer don’t have to worry about the data or any other apps process. That will also not be objection, Now Web Connector will help customers to easily connect the eServeCloud to other tools and start the process.

🤑 Increase Sales & marketing opportunities: Using this process you can add multiple customers to the email lists, you can promote your loyalty program, mange orders easily, retarget the audience and manage them in a single place. 

That’s not the end of the story, we are still working on some cool new features.

How can you get started?

It is applicable for all the existing customers free of cost. For new customers you must have an account of eServeCloud and you must be familiar with Web Connector. We are also here to help you to setup the account and provide the support 24/7.


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