List of Top 15 Help Desk Ticketing Software

Through a shared email inbox, Front connects your entire customer service team. Innovative companies, such as startup accelerators, e-commerce companies, and other SaaS companies, use Front to manage their customers’ experiences.
  • 07 Mar 2024

A good ticketing system makes communication easier. This is achieved by removing the bottlenecks that arise when no one is aware of the problem, its significance, or the source of the report. But even the best software is useless without the right personnel and procedures.

Let us first understand the fundamentals of a ticketing system. 



Your customer service team can easily communicate with customers using all available channels, such as voice, bots, social media, email, messaging, and community forums, thanks to Zendesk. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, Zendesk ticketing software helps support staff gain a thorough understanding of the entire customer journey.


    1. Integrations
    2. Knowledge base
    3. Live chat
    4. Security and compliance


Smaller customer service teams looking for a platform to grow on should take a look at Zoho Desk.  Zoho’s CRM functions with businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Since Zoho Desk easily integrates with other Zoho products, it is especially beneficial to many Zoho users. If you have used other Zoho products, implementing and using Zoho Desk will be comfortable for you. If you use Zoho CRM, you can also quickly sync your database with Zoho Desk. 


    1. Limited automation
    2. Zoho CRM
    3. Knowledge base
    4. Ticket management system
    5. Conversations inbox
    6. Branding customization
    7. Standard and prepopulated reports
    8. Multichannel support


eServeCloud is ideal for any business size, from SMB to enterprise, one can scale and adapt with eServeCloud. To meet demand, you can add clients, representatives, channels, and locations. Additionally, it provides inbound/outbound omnichannel customer engagement solutions with a wealth of features.  With real-time actionable data and KPIs, it helps you improve performance and quality. The use of API-first architecture can also be used to connect the data from your applications. Integrated family of tools for your sales teams to work more quickly and effectively; resources for your customer service representatives to provide better service.


    1. Inbound/Outbound Call
    2. Sales Acceleration
    3. Services API
    4. Omni-Channel Support
    5. Contact Center
    6. Conversational Messaging
    7. Real-Time Dashboards
    8. Historical Reports
    9. Reporting APIs
    10. Alerts & Notifications


HappyFox, a cloud-based CRM, provides ticketing solutions for a variety of businesses across all sizes and sectors. Customers of HappyFox come from a diverse range of companies, including well-established multinational corporations and small startups. It performs admirably in terms of features, but it lacks in terms of price and integrations. 


    1. SLA management
    2. Smart automation
    3. Knowledge base
    4. Custom email domain mapping
    5. Basic reporting

WordPress Advanced Ticket System

If your business uses WordPress and you have a simple customer service operation with no more than two channels, it’s worth considering the WordPress Advanced Ticket System plugin. Because this open-source helpdesk ticketing programme is directly based on WordPress, integrating it is very straightforward. 


    1. File attachment
    2. Raw statistics
    3. Email ticket routing

Help Scout

The helpdesk ticketing system for Help Scout is fully functional. Help Scout, like HappyFox, supports large teams of more than 500 users. Their clientele includes many modern businesses in the recruiting and technology sectors. Even for small teams that require powerful, flexible ticket management tools, Help Scout can be a great fit. Help Scout also has a robust reporting system and internal knowledge bases. Due to the system’s robust API and extensive integration options, it should also be simple to integrate with your existing customer channels and databases.


    1. Automation based on rules
    2. Integrations and extensions
    3. Website live chat
    4. Custom reports
    5. Ticket routing and prioritization
    6. Knowledge base content management
    7. Multi-channel communication


With features like real-time typing view, website monitoring for chat engagement, and proactive chat invitations based on the active agent availability, LiveAgent highlights its live chat service. The software also provides a global inbox that compiles and aggregates tickets from various channels.

Features of LiveAgent Ticket Plan

    1. Unlimited history of tickets integrations and APIs
    2. Help portal and forum
    3. Advanced reporting
    4. Unlimited email address
    5. Customer service

KB Support

Another simple, WordPress-compatible helpdesk ticketing system is the KB Support plugin.KB Support is designed for small businesses in any industry with a limited service offering. Due to KB Support’s extensive range of potential integrations, you can nevertheless get away with it as your business expands—especially if you use WordPress and/or WooCommerce. The plugin includes preset responses, custom ticket statuses, agent permissions, support for sending tickets via email and web forms, WooCommerce integration, and customization of ticket statuses.

Features of Starter Plan

    1. Native automation
    2. Email ticketing
    3. WooCommerce integration
    4. Tracking and measurement
    5. Ticket routing
    6. Custom ticket statuses
    7. FAQ support
    8. Customer feedback

Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk is a cloud-based help desk ticketing system for all team sizes and industries. However, Vision Helpdesk provides support for numerous important governmental and financial organizations. Teams can automate the management of tickets and keep track of communications made via calls, emails, live chat, social media, and web portals by using rule-based criteria.

Features of Starter Help Desk Plan

    1. Workflows
    2. Email ticket creation
    3. Reporting and analytics
    4. Ticketing
    5. Shared inbox
    6. Optimized knowledge base content
    7. Multi-channel support

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot provides a fairly feature-rich ticketing system via its Service Hub product. Support staff members benefit from Service Hub in a number of ways, including by helping them prioritize tickets, automate procedures, and provide individualized service via a variety of channels. Due to HubSpot’s wide range of expertly crafted package options, businesses of all sizes in almost every sector can find one that meets their needs.

Features of Service Hub Starter Plan

    1. APIs, SDKs, and native integrations
    2. Shared canned snippets
    3. Real-time website chat
    4. Advanced reporting
    5. Ticket routing, categorization, and tagging
    6. Conversations inbox



Through a shared email inbox, Front connects your entire customer service team. Innovative companies, such as startup accelerators, e-commerce companies, and other SaaS companies, use Front to manage their customers’ experiences.

Features of Starter

    1. Email, chat, SMS, and social media ticketing
    2. Ticket collaboration tools
    3. Limited integrations
    4. Ticketing rule templates
    5. Up to 10 users
  • AzureDesk

    Reporting, ticket management, knowledge base management, and email-to-ticket conversion are among the core capabilities of AzureDesk. The system is essentially lightweight and functional enough to support larger customer service departments. Small and medium-sized businesses will also be satisfied by AzureDesk’s ticketing features, though.


    1. Smart automation
    2. Ticket tags
    3. Private notes
    4. APIs and integrations with apps
    5. Live chat widget
    6. Agent signatures
    7. Advanced reporting
    8. Ticket management
    9. Brand customizations
    10. Knowledge content management
    11. Omnichannel support
  • SupportBee

    As a simple, user-friendly ticketing system for small teams that must quickly get up and running, SupportBee was developed.


    1. Shared inbox
    2. Canned snippets
    3. simple integrations
    4. Knowledge base
    5. Customer satisfaction ratings
    6. One team
    7. 2FA
  • Awesome Support

    Awesome Support is one of the most popular options for customer support ticketing systems for WordPress. 


    1. Automatic responses
    2. Unlimited history of tickets
    3. Tickets and agents indefinite
    4. Email assistance 
    5. FAQ
    6. Integration with Mailchimp
  • TeamSupport

    For companies that provide B2B technology clients, TeamSupport, a customer support ticketing software program, was developed.


      1. Automation of tickets and workflows
      2. APIs and third-party integrations
      3. Live Chat
      4. Reporting
      5. Ticket management with customization
      6. Custom branding
      7. Shared inbox
      8. customer database
      9. Knowledge base management
      10. Omnichannel service


    If your IT staff spends all of their time sorting through emails or figuring out who responded to which support ticket, it’s time for a change. One of the most frequently used pieces of software by your customer support team will be your ticketing system. There are therefore numerous options, and selecting one is risky. By briefly studying all the above-mentioned tools and their features, you can surely choose the ones that fit your needs.`

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