Combine automation & human interaction for the strongest customer experience

  • 14 Apr 2024

Automated channels of customer support such as chatbots are constantly changing the face of customer support. Interestingly, 65% of customers would wish to get their issues sorted without human intervention? Out of this, 62% would be comfortable interacting with a chatbot rather than your agents.

Well, CEOs and business leaders might hold the opinion that automation would completely replace human agents, but that’s not to be. Even though bots have significantly leveraged customer self-service, their interactions lack the human essence. After all, personalized interactions are what your customers look for!

How about reducing your response time while delivering a personalized CX by strategically deploying both automation and human agents? With the right mix of these resources, brands can configure their strongest helpdesk.

Why is it vital to balance automation and human intervention?

Automated technologies largely complement human agents. However, they are not meant to replace your customer support agents. A strategic balance in configuring your chat platform involves both chatbots and live chat features.

Given that AI bots fail to resolve complex queries, conversations would require human intervention at some point. However, why not perform mundane tasks like collecting basic data from customers and answering repetitive questions using chatbots? This way, businesses can craft a holistic experience for their clients.

40% of customers don’t have any preference between chatbots and human agents. As long as businesses manage to resolve their queries, they remain loyal. So, it’s wise to balance automation with human agents to ensure optimal satisfaction for your customers.

When to use automation and human involvement?


Automation largely reduces the number of tickets by answering common or mundane questions. Successful brands largely count on the eServeCloud customer portal to ensure a balanced mix of chat support. particularly, businesses can use automated interactions on their FAQ pages, or send reminders through emails or text.

Therefore, the purpose of automation is to leverage efficiency by initiating conversations, providing instant responses, and providing knowledge resources. As you know, self-service portal and customer communities largely help clients resolve their queries. By properly deploying automated technologies, you can reduce the number of tickets.

Also, business owners and CEOs struggling to curtail operational costs should count on AI bots. Small businesses are already using chatbots that hardly cost them $20 to $50 a month!

Benefits of using automation

  •   Considering the instant response feature, 69% of customers like interacting with chatbots rather than agents.
  •   Businesses can provide 24/7 customer support without hiring agents in all three shifts throughout the day.
  •   Chatbots happen to be a cost-effective solution to answer common queries related to product prices and features.
  •   Thanks to chatbots, your agents have more disposable time at their hands to provide customized support to customers having complex queries.

Live chat

Human interaction through live chat develops stronger rapport with your customers. Successful businesses hire trained agents capable of building relationships and trust. Although live chat wouldn’t be available unless you deploy your agents 24/7, it has a higher potential to boost customer loyalty. A brand’s success in cultivating trust and loyalty largely depends on the level of personalization the agents offer.

Industries that involve a high level of emotional intelligence significantly benefit from fruitful human interactions. For instance, the healthcare, finance, and legal sectors are sensitive and customers look for the trust factor in businesses they interact with. With human agents operating at their help desks, they can channel compassion to develop the human essence.

Benefits of Live Chat

  •   Human agents are capable of resolving complex problems that your customers may be facing.
  •   During interactions, your agents might identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products. This brings you an opportunity to leverage your revenue.
  •   Live chat enables multitasking. This implies that your agents can assist clients over communication channels simultaneously.
  •   Personalized interactions help in resolving complicated issues that chatbots fail to sort out. This way, brands can gain credibility by entrusting human agents to solve these problems.

Combining automation and live chat: The secret to flawless CX

Now that you are aware of the perks of AI bots and live chat, it pays to strategize your customer support mechanism tactically. Counting on the self-service portal eServeCloud can help businesses resolve a significant chunk of common queries.

However, AI bots answer queries based on specific keywords. Not all queries from your customers can be solved by bots. Along with the self-service help center eServeCloud, it’s wise to have human agents to attend to complex issues. AI chatbots usually forward or redirect issues that lie outside their scope of resolution to human agents.

A calculated mix of automation and human support defines the secret to a flawless customer experience!

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