eCommerce Helpdesk

AI-Powered Customer Service for Shopify Merchants

Provide unified customer views with actionable data from Shopify integration to allow agents to track status, manage orders and returns. AI-bots extend these capabilities for customers self-service across all channels. Drive faster resolutions and a more personalized customer service

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Reduce costs, drive efficiency and increase revenues

Deep Shopify Integration

Use Shopify data for automated and human customer service

Leverage deep integration with Shopify to provide Amazon-like customer service with intuitive , personalized support experiences across all messaging channels. Use AI-bots and automation to scale support and reduce support loads by 50+%

Connect to all Your Stores

Integrate all your stores for one-place support. Act on your customer issues without switching back and forth. View, update and cancel orders, provide refunds, create new orders, send carts links and collect payments,

Manage Orders, Make Sales

Support and sell using shopify data. Get a comprehensive view of your customers behavior and actions – sites visited, products viewed, orders, cancellations, returns. Prioritize VIP customers

Self-Serve with AI-Bots

Scale support without increasing costs Provide Amazon-like customer service to your customers with intuitive , personalized support experiences across from all messaging channels. Reduce your support loads by 50+%

Customer Service for Merchants

Support Features for Shopify eCommerce Merchants

Provide Conversational AI Assistant

Ingest knowhow and generate answers using data from websites, FAQs and internal knowledgebases to answer pre-sales and support questions on websites and via bots

Omni-Channel your shopify stores

Deliver a conversational storefront to your customers on messaging channel of their choice. Support and sell with both AI-Bots and human agents

Shopify Support with Ticket Management

Convery all issues into tickets to resolve shopify customer data from journeys, order details etc.

Automated Self-Service (AI-Bots)

Let customers manage their orders, carts, track status and request returns/refunds. They can also view products and place new orders

Personalized Human Support

Give your teams the tools to provide exceptional personalized customer service complete picture of the customer – orders, feedback, queries etc

Engage with Proactive Messages

Trigger personalized messages to customers for their visits, orders and support interactions. Easily create rich visual cards with click to buy options

Recommend Products

Give agents the tools to make recommendations based on the customer’s purchase history, feedback and preferences. Agents and bots can offer suggestions, send product info and cart links

Track Revenue from Support

Track and attribute revenues generated from support actions by humans and bots. Analyze customers, actions and products that most contribute to increasing order values

Respond to Add/Marketing Replies

Enable messaging on your Ad-campaigns and connect to AI Bot for answering pre-sales questions and provide a personalized shopping experience.

Manage Shopify Orders & Returns

Support shoppers from Agent Workspace – no switching tabs

With Shopify integration, agents can fully manage order, send abandoned carts links and recommend products

Get Order History and Available Actions

Customer shopping profile and history of orders and cancellations are displayed immediately. Valid actions for each order simplify agent’s support options.

Access Order Actions without switching tabs

View, update and  cancel orders, provide refunds, create new orders, send carts links and collect payments,

Refund Past Orders, Offer Exchanges

View shop rules and authorize returns and refunds directly from workspace  Specify amounts, shipping charges and restock options

Send Products and Abandoned Cart Links

Recommend products during support session or create a cart and send for payment.

Answer over 50% of your customer questions instantly; activate and go-live in minutes

Answer AI-Bot

  • Generate answers from multiple content sources. Provide safe conversational answers as a human assistant would do.
  • Ingest multiple websites, eServe Knowledgebases, and support content in local & cloud drives.
  • Gather likes/dislikes and feedback to capture info gaps and push into correction workflow.
  • Provide transparency and security of the transactions by making all conversations visible and removing all data from LLMs

eCommerce bot that leverages Shopify integration to grow sales and reduce support tickets

eCommerce Support AI-Bot

  • Customer can manage orders - track orders, edit, cancel or return orders for automated customer service
  • Customers can self-serve from any messaging channel of their preference – same bot works everywhere
  • eCommerce intents are pre-loaded with ability to configure business rules for each transactions type.
  • Includes AI-powered eCommerce help center to answer product, order and support questions

Proactively notify customers with rich personalized contextual messages

Proactive Messaging

  • Automatically notify customers with personalized in-context rich messages
  • Trigger messages based on Shopify store updates or changes
  • Select channels and message styles from templates
  • Build powerful automated engagements using segmentation and business rules

Generate Revenues and Profits from your Support

Answer product questions from Ads and Posts

Enable messaging on your Ad-campaigns, social and websites to answer pre-sales questions and provide a personalized shopping experience. Scale with automated self-service flows, bring in humans to handle the exceptions

Convert support requests into sales opportunities

Give your support agents the tools to promote and make recommendations with updated customer profile, customer’s purchase history and preferences. Agents can offer suggestions, send product information cards and cart links

Send out cart payment links

Deliver personalized experiences and have conversations with complete view of customers interactions. Overlay customer’s store data with their online and social interactions to unlock sales from all channels

Generate revenues from messages that convert

Trigger personalized messages to customers for their visits, orders and support interactions.  Easily create rich visual cards with click to buy options

Which support interactions close sales and generate revenue?

eCommerce and Revenue Analytics

  • Identify and track revenues brought in by your (human and automated) customer support
  • Identify and drill into interactions that drive sales revenues
  • Attribute revenues to agents and teams to build loyalty and reward success
  • Provide tools and create strategies for your support operations to improve impact on sales
Additional eCommerce Support Features

Leverage contact-center like communication services


Enable or build custom macros to take multiple actions – such as sending a templated message, initiating a workflow


Frequently used phrases and templates can be saved behind a shortcut key. Agents can send the phrase by selecting from shortcut list


Placeholders are variable-names that are filled-in with actual data from tickets, customer profiles or integrated data

Use Stored Knowledge

Quality support requires agents to know. Capture business and support knowledge in powerful KBs for all agents to re-use.

Send Files, Videos, Cards

Teams can save frequently used documents, images or cards in a team folder for all agents to use.

Spell Checker

Built-in spell checker identifies errors and provides correction suggestions

Language Translation

Allows agents to bring advisors into the conversation for consultation and to jointly working on issues

Drag & Drop, Paste

Send files, images by dragging and dropping in the rich-text send box. Copy & paste also works

Keyboard First

Access frequently used features using keyboard shortcuts to speed up processing



Leveraging AI to meet the ever-changing customer needs

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What makes offering 24/7 customer services so important?

The ability to serve a global marketplace. But many businesses are unable to take advantage of this. The different time zones that exist make it challenging to expand businesses across the globe.


Top 3 Benefits of Adopting Omni Channel Strategy

More Consistency in Communication More Reach More Visiblity

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