Ticket Management

Use ticketing to manage all customer requests

All customer requests are converted into tickets for agents to respond and resolve. AI detects customer intent to automatically categorize, prioritize and assign tickets to the right teams. Automated notifications keep all parties informed and time-tracking and SLA threshold help agents work efficiently. Deliver exceptional customer experiences and reduce costs with collaborative ticket management

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Gathers, organizes, prioritizes, and resolves customer

Core ticketing capabilities for delivering exceptional customer service

Ticket Management

Convert customer issues raised from any channel into tickets to track, assign and resolve efficiently Gathers, organizes, prioritizes & resolves customer issues.

Shared Inbox Support

Bring all your channels and customer data into one shared inbox for agents to resolve customer issues

Collaborative Ticketing

Resolve issues as a team with shared inbox and collaboration features. Mention colleagues, share work by assigning tasks

Support Multiple CRM

Leverage 360 view of customer context with data from journeys, external platforms (e.g. shopify) and past requests

SLA Management Support

Use Service Level Agreement thresholds to set performance standards and time-tracking to monitor adherence

Automate - Repetitive Work

Automate repetitive work with easy to create workflows with triggers, conditions, and actions to free up agent’s time

Customizable Ticketing

Add custom fields and views for your specific business needs. Customize rules to automate your business processes

Communication Services

Configure multiple teams & Connect them withservices like intelligent routing, transfers, conferences, etc.

We have omnichannel ticketing support which helps to convert Customer issues into tickets from any channel in eServeCloud.

We've simplified ticketing Solutions for your business!

Tickets for All Channels

Customer issues from all channels – email, chat, messaging apps etc. converted into tickets

Tagging & Prioritization

Using Ai detection intelligently categorize, prioritize and route tickets to the right agents

Snooze for Selected Durations

Snooze tickets for selected time periods while waiting for customer response or task completion

Make Bulk Updates

As a agent or supervisor Select multiple tickets from a view and make bulk changes of status, tags, priority assignment, etc.

Customizable Attributes

Add customs attributes to your tickets to store data specific to your business. Use these attributes in segmentation, business rules and for viewing

Smart Notifications

Enable default notifications or create your own message templates. Trigger business rules to send notification based on various events

Wrap-up and Disposition Codes

Categorize all ticket resolutions with pre-defined disposition codes for insights into support performance

Private Notes with @Mentioned

Mention colleagues in private notes to solicit feedback on your open issues. Colleagues get notified and can respond

Shared Omni-Channel Inbox

All customer conversations and details in one shared inbox

  • Customer requests from all channels brought into one inbox
  • View customer details including profile data, journey info, data from integrations
  • Create views to bring forward specific work items – e.g. my work, share with team etc.
  • Integrated productivity tools help agents quickly resolve issues

Collaborative Ticketing

Tools to help teammates to work together on issues

  • Assigned and unassigned work items can be viewed and shared with all team members.
  • Agents can add “followers” to create an ad-hoc team for collaboration
  • Agents “mentioned” in private notes receive pings and can respond with suggestions
  • Create tasks and assign to team members to share workload and jointly work on customer issues

SLA Management

Set and monitor the standards for your support performance

  • Create different types of SLA policies for ticket types, customer or channel types e.g., social, email or chat
  • Automatically track time, remind agents of approaching violations, save adherence data with ticket
  • Setup SLA workflows to send notifications, escalations and assignment changes etc.
  • Save SLA adherence data with the ticket record and monitor performance in the SLA dashboard

Automation & Workflows

Automate repetitive work and free agents for complex tasks

  • Use library of pre-build (timed and triggered) business rules to off-load repetitive work items
  • Create new automation flows using graphical flow designer
  • Respond faster using macros with placeholders for customer variables
  • Send automated notifications with customized message templates

Customizable Ticketing

Make it your own ticketing with your data and workflows

  • Add custom attributes to collect your business data in ticket and customer records
  • Setup workflows to act on ticket changes and smart notifications to keep parties informed of changes
  • Customize views to segment tickets for prioritized handling; setup detail cards to display your information
  • Enable AI to automatically categorize and prioritize tickets based on the customer queries

Leverage contact-center like communication services

Communication Services

Intelligent routing

Route calls to teams based on customer intent and pre-chat forms. Use round-robin or skill-levels to select agents.

Agent Presence

Agents declare availability by setting their presence – available, busy, on-break or away. Only available agents can receive synchronous connections

Ticket Assignment

Asynchronous messages such as email or SMS/WhatsApp can be assigned to agents regardless of their availability

Powerful Queuing

Chat requests can be queued when all agents are busy. Customizable waiting messages are sent to customers. On timeout, customers can be re-routed to other queues

Queue Business Hours

Set locale and business hours for each queue or agents with rules for handling out-of-hours messages of business

Wait Times & Wait Messages

Enable default notification or create your own message templates. Trigger business rule to send notification based on event.

Conferencing System

Allows agents to bring advisors or supervisors into the conversation for consultation or jointly working on the issue to solve customers problem

Warm & Cold Transfers

Send the customer to another team or queue by transferring the conversation. Use warm transfer to consult first.

Ticket Analytics

Measure and improve your customer service performance

  • Use built-in reports to monitor your helpdesk productivity
  • Ticket dashboard lets you select KPIs, charts and tables to visualize support performance
  • Build custom dashboards from library of pre-configured widgets or create your own visualizations with no-code tools
  • Share dashboards across teams to make your help center data performance driven

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