Omni-Channel Messaging

Meet Customers on their favorite messaging apps

Email, Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Social, WebEx and More - Centralize all customer communication channels in one place, view your customer data to respond faster. Scale support with intelligent chatbots but connect with live agents when needed.

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Manage all channels from one place

Support customers where they are on their devices, in messaging apps or on websites.

Messaging Channel Features

Centralize channels to one workspace

All inbound messages from email, WhatsApp, social media, SMS, etc. are placed in one workspace.

Use Ticketing to Manage Issues

Amazon-like access to account information including viewing orders, tickets, buy again etc

Automatically route to right teams

Use conversation data and round-robin/skill-based rules to assign to the right, available agents

Have Rich Conversations

Agents & bots can send images, videos, cards, forms, files, emojis etc.

Provide intelligent self-service

Use prebuilt chatbots to answer customer questions and resolve issues. Or create custom bots to meet your specific needs

Conversations Naturally

Understand Customer intent & sentiment using LLM AI. Use this to categorize, respond, resolve and route to human or bot.

Have Multi-lingual Conversations

Automatically detect and translate customer language and respond to customer in the same language with out any effort.

Optimize with Powerful Analytics

Collect conversational and customer request data and view. Send survey and forms to collect satisfaction

Engage visitors with Web Messenger

Provide instant answers with AI-powered chatbots and quick access to FAQs within the chat widget. Maximize engagement with proactive messaging and provide click-access to custom messaging-apps.

  • Add powerful chat functionality to your website with intelligent routing to the right agents
  • Provide messaging apps such as help-center, eCommerce support, appointment scheduling,, ticket management and more
  • Use AI to detect customer intent to provide answers or take custom actions
  • Engage customers with personalized cards, forms and proactive messages based on their CRM profiles

Communicate Globally with WhatsApp

Support your customers across the world over your Business WhatsApp account. Front-end request handling with AI-powered chatbots to answer frequent questions and rich-conversational apps

  • Respond from unified workspace with customer information, conversation histories, integrated data such as order information.
  • Use the embedded AI-based intent detection to automatically provide answers or take actions to resolve customer requests
  • Broadcast messages and notifications with personalized cards and rich widgets to customer segments on timed or event triggers
  • Connect to AI-Powered Chatbots to power support, sales and marketing automations

Provide Mobile Customers With SMS Support

Setup your text support channel with new numbers or transfer existing numbers and make customer service available from anywhere. Have your intelligent chatbots and automation workflows apply seamlessly with SMS.

  • Customers can get support by texting when on the move. Ask questions, exchange photos, get issues resolved from unified agent workspace
  • Scale support using conversational AI-chatbots to automatically answer questions and resolve issues
  • Let customers switch channels as needed and keep the support session uninterrupted.
  • Send SMS/MMS notifications for updates and ticket status changes

Handle customer emails from shared inbox

Never drop an email request with intent detection and triage to the right teams or automated response by intelligent bot. Customer queries are tracked as tickets that can be prioritized and assigned to an agent for ownership

  • Emails are analyzed, tagged and assigned to an agent who is responsible for its resolution. No more getting lost in inboxes.
  • Reduce your email backlogs with automated AI-Powered email chatbot by understanding the request, finding the answer and generating a response
  • With omni-channel capability agents can mix emails with chat and messages all within one conversation session
  • Send proactive email messages and notifications triggered by customer actions

Respond immediately to Likes and DMs

With direct integration with Facebook and Instagram, customer “Likes and Comments” can be handled by agents or via automation

  • Manage multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts with native integrations and bring them all into the agent’s workspace.
  • Social media likes, posts and comments are converted into tickets and assigned to teams/agents.
  • Scale support with bots and automations by deflecting repetitive questions to bots
  • Deliver personalized responses through Direct Messages or from another channel

Employees can use business messaging for support

Ask questions, request support and get notifications from all with the employee's business messaging apps

  • Create as many support spaces in WebEx Teams for employees to access support
  • Provide Web and Email widgets for employees to easily discover the configured support
  • Connect the spaces for automatic conversational self-service; search and get responses from internal knowledge bases
  • Reach out to employees with notifications and outbound messages

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