AI-Powered All-in-One Customer Service Suite

Enrich customer experiences through omni-channel self-service and agent assistance, use generative AI to drive efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue

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Let Customers Serve Themselves

Be where your customers are

Effortlessly Assist Customers Across Channels – Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Social Media.

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Omni Channel

Resolve at scale with AI-chatbots

Resolve customer issues immediately with conversational chatbots, personalize customer experiences; escalate to agents when necessary.

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Resolve with AI-Bots

Answer questions with help centers

Effortless self-service: Provide generated answers from your stored knowhow. Deflect tickets, address pre-sales inquiries and surface knowledge gaps.

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Get Answer Quickly

Deliver proactive personalized messages

Send personalized messages to convert visitors, update tickets, inform on products. Boost sales, reduce support.

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Keep in the Know

Tools for Team Success

Unified Customer View

Get full customer context in workspace - all inquiries and conversations, profile and integrated data to provide personalized, efficient support.

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Never Drop a Conversation

All requests become tickets so you can prioritize, tag, and resolve issues. Monitor progress, send notifications, and leverage SLAs for efficiency.

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Work Together as a Team

Bring in team mates collaboratively resolve customer issues: mention agents in notes, assign tasks, and conference for immediate consultation.

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Get AI-Assistance

Use the generative AI Assistant to formulate responses, get contextual macros and recommended answers

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Helpdesk for Shopify Merchants

Seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce stack for customer delight

  • Integrate With All Your Stores

    Efficiently manage customer issues in one place. View, update, cancel orders, provide refunds, create new orders, and collect payments all in single dashboard.

  • Support and Sell using Shopify Data

    Get your customer’s behavior and actions – sites visited, products viewed, orders, cancellations, returns. Prioritize VIP customers

  • Scale Support without increasing costs

    Provide Amazon-like customer service to your customers with intuitive , personalized self-serve support experiences across all messaging channels. Reduce your support loads by 50+%

  • Get eCommerce Operations Insights

    Build Your Own eCommerce Dashboard for detailed insights on revenue generations, support effectiveness

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Turn Support into a Revenue Driver

Answer Pre-Sales Questions

Enable messaging on your Ad-campaigns, social and websites to answer pre-sales questions and provide a personalized shopping experience. Scale with automated self-service flows

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Make Agents Sales Stars

Make happy customers with AI-Assisted resolutions and recommendations by agents. Utilize AI-Chatbots for Faster Issue Resolution, Automated 24/7 Support, Cost Reduction, and Customer Satisfaction.

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Personalize Your Customers

Deliver personalized experiences and have conversations with complete view of customers interactions. Overlay customer’s store data with their online and social interactions to unlock sales from all channels

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Engage with Notifications

Trigger personalized messages to customers for their visits, orders and support interactions. Easily create rich visual cards with click to buy options

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Get Performance & Revenue Insights

Enhance Support with In-Depth Analytics

Help your teams make informed decisions using pre-build dashboards that provide support performance details. Get your KPIs on one screen to get insights on agent response times by agent, brand, channel or tags.

Analytics for insights

Supervisors can monitor and take actions

Supervisors can monitor team support performance in real-time views and take actions to correct negative trends including listening into the conversations, barging into the sessions to assist, assign and escalate tickets as needed.

Live supervisor actions

Track Support-Assisted Revenue

Credit your agents for the revenue they bring by providing superior service and by using the ecommerce tools to enable sales. Measure the effectiveness of the sales tools to design programs to sell more

Support enabled sales

Validate Customer Support Experiences

Design surveys to collect the key feedback from your customers. Use automation rules to collect customer feedback across all channels. Your teams can use the survey analytics for insights into the provided support as experienced by your customers

Hear customer’s voice

Happy Customers, Effective Support, More Revenue


Leveraging AI to meet the ever-changing customer needs
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